Children’s photographer London – Fulham

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Children’s photographer London – Fulham

About this child portrait session:

These photographs were commissioned as a birthday present for the boy’s grandmother’s 70th birthday. It’s always an honour to take photographs for such a special occasion, I was delighted to be asked. We had a fun hour or so after school, taking some photographs indoors of his beloved guitar. He’s a real rock star in the making – I was so impressed by his playing! His love for the guitar was nothing compared to his passion for Chelsea Football Club though! It was a total delight to see his intense concentration on saving goal after goal from his tireless Dad.

I was so pleased that they chose the photograph where his hair has gone totally wild in their final selection of prints. It was one of those shots that I wondered if it was really the kind of photograph they were after for the birthday presented – but I included it in their selection because I loved it as an image, it seems to be really sum up the experience of being a seven year old letting loose in the park.

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