Christening & Baptism photography in London – Portfolio

Christening Photography – Portfolio

Mum and dad snuggles with their little girl before the christening ritual
Candid photo of a mum reaching out to his little son in the church

“Louise documented my baby’s christening in a lovely and warm manner, capturing beautiful moments, details and reactions. These will be invaluable memories for us.” Adriana

Adorable blue-eyed baby being dressed by granny
brown-eyed adorable baby lying on a stroller before christening
Exterior of a church on FLEET STREET: ST DUNSTAN-IN-THE-WEST
Priest lighting a baptism candle at FLEET STREET: ST DUNSTAN-IN-THE-WEST
Godparents and priest using holy oil at a Greek baptism
Baby having just been baptised at a Greek baptism
Candid photo of two woman guest in the christening ritual in the church smiling
A group of grannies clapping in the church while standing
A beautiful look of a table set in the reception for christening celebration
Champagne poured into glasses
Priest at the altar reading a booklet while standing
Mum carries the adorable baby with dad standing next to her before christening
Exterior look of St James’s Roman Catholic Church in Marylebone London with stone walls and arches
closeup photo of a well arranged rose flower bouquet
Baby boy at his christening in a Clapham church in south London
Mum smiling and talking to some guests in the church
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