Baby & family photography: how I work

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Nothing beats family time

Family photography sessions are always lots of fun. I want to capture your children just as they are – natural, spontaneous and totally in the moment. Seeing them play and interact with each other in their own inimitable style produces some amazing photographs.

We’ll be able to find a time that fits in with your family routine – family portrait sessions usually last for two hours and are arranged midweek and at weekends. 

I’ll take individual portraits of each child, photographs of the siblings together, portraits of each of you playing with and cuddling your children, and photographs of the whole family together.

Everyone’s welcome – grandparents, aunts, uncles, no holds barred!

“Our photos exceeded my expectations. They are just beautiful. I actually welled up little when I saw the photos of the children together – Louise managed to capture something really special. They’re exactly what I was after. The ones of the children together are just divine. I’m really, super impressed!” Laura



We’ll begin the session in your home to get everyone relaxed and used to the camera. After an hour or so at home, if you’d like, we’ll spend the rest of the session in your garden or local park for some stunning shots with nature and outdoor play. Wherever means a lot to you as a family, that’s where we’ll go. I want to record the most enchanting, precious moments for you.

“The photos from our sessions with Louise are some of our most valuable family possessions.” Jeremy

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Staying relaxed

As a mum, I know how to get the most out of children, what to do to animate them and bring out their unique personality. It’s all about making them feel comfortable and unself-conscious. Your child will dictate the pace of the session. I’m used to allowing plenty of time for snack stops, toilet stops, and any little issues that might crop up. There’s plenty of time, and no rush!

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Scheduling your session

Most families find that a 10am start time works well, but it’s entirely up to you and what suits your routine. The best time is when your child/children have had something to eat and aren’t too tired! The light tends to be best in the morning, and this is often when young children are at their best too.

Ideal ages

Over the age of one, any age is great. I’m highly experienced with children of all ages so can keep even the crankiest toddler on side! In terms of which ages work particularly well in a baby’s first year, here are my recommendations:

“We are thrilled with the photos. We found the photo shoot experience fun and relaxed as well as very professional – clearly Louise has lots of experience in getting the best out of young children.” Esther

Fees and products

My fees are set out here:

See an introduction to the products I offer here:

You can read more about my approach to photographing families in my brochure. Just contact me for a copy, and I’ll also send you the full products guide.

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