Personal Pick: August 2017

Personal Pick: August 2017

Macro detail of a newborn baby's eyelashes

Why I chose this photograph:

I love newborn details – so, it’s out there, I’m a big softie! I find it absolutely amazing that babies are born with all these tiny details in place – and especially those delicate newborn eyelashes. Tiny fingers, tiny toes, little ears with funny little kinks in them that somehow straighten out in weeks – all totally gorgeous. These little details change so fast, so I always make a point of photographing them close-up.

These eyelashes were something else though – without doubt the longest, curliest newborn lashes I’ve ever photographed. Stunning!

For those with a technical bent, this – as with all my macro details – was taken on a Canon 100mm L lens, the absolute business when it comes to close-ups. It’s ability to focus on just one lash is dreamy.


A word from the mum:

“Louise did an amazing job capturing our little girl in these early days. The photos are natural, relaxed and not over-styled. Exactly what we were looking for. Highly recommended!”

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