Personal Pick: December 2016

Personal Pick: December 2016

Best newborn photographer in London

Why I love this photograph

There’s something so irresistible about newborn fingers wrapped round their parents’. This little cutie couldn’t believe her luck to have two fingers to hold.

There’s something wonderful about seeing bits of each parent in a newborn too, even in such a close-up like this. I love the symmetry of Mum’s milky soft skin and her baby’s smooth cheek, and the whirls of hair that glide across both the baby’s head and Dad’s hand. Magic!

That fleeting expression as she glanced up at the camera seemed to say “Are you getting this?” – I love that moment when a newborn seems to really engage with the camera. It only lasts a split-second, and is such a wonderful moment to capture as you get a glimpse of what the little baby’s personality might be like. Such a cheeky and happy little face!

About this newborn portrait session in Battersea, south London:

This gorgeous little newborn was so adorable, and a real pleasure to photograph her with her proud parents. We spent a couple of hours in their home in Battersea, taking photographs in their bedroom. Lying on their bed made the perfect backdrop for this tiny baby – fresh white sheets always work so well with newborns. I photographed her dozing in Dad’s arms, snuggled up with Mum, gazing out of the window into the Big Wide World waiting for her, close-ups of her perfect little eyelashes, details of her feet balanced on Mum’s hand, and lots of cuddles.

Congratulations to Mum & Dad who made the whole thing look easy!

It still amazes me the variety of shots you can achieve in the same room, of the same baby! Every little expression creates such a different photograph, and different angles all show something different about the baby and the family.

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