Personal Pick: February 2017

Personal Pick: February 2017

Newborn photographer London


Why I love this photograph

First toys are so precious, and a soft teddy like this one is likely to become a treasured favourite. I love giving parents a photograph that captures the beginnings of memories like this.

This snoozing newborn looks so content and peaceful, cuddling his bunny. I often photograph newborns sleeping on their parents’ bed – bedding works really well as a natural backdrop, and somehow emphasises the sense of calm and purity in a newborn sleeping.

I love the little newborn details captured in this photograph that will soon change as their newborn grows into a sturdier baby: his soft little nose, tiny lips that sink into chubby cheeks, swirls of hair in a colour that might well change within months.


About this newborn portrait session in Surbiton, south London:

It was lovely to see such proud and loving parents – this gorgeous newborn has been born into a very happy and creative home!

Their newborn was just moving into a cluster feeding phase, so we spent some time chatting while Mum nursed him. Between feeds, I photographed him in the bedroom, using a variety of the family’s blankets. I also took a few photographs in his nursery, documenting the lovely design touches that had been created in there.

I photographed him having cuddles with Mum and with Dad, snuggled in their arms, holding their fingers with his tiny little fingers, and took close-ups of his gorgeous newborn details.

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