Personal Pick: January 2017

Personal Pick: January 2017

Family photographer Tooting south London

Why I love this photograph

This cheeky, happy expression is so adorable! What a gorgeous little girl.

I love the contrast in scale between the toddler and her dad, protecting her from tumbling down the stairs. I always look out for moments like this, where a child is framed by his or her parent – creating a portrait of the child, with a hint of the relationship with his / her parents too.

The colours enhance the composition, with dark and neutral colours of the carpet and the dad swirling round the bright blues in the main area of interest.

Moments like these melt my heart. It’s such a thrill capturing that brief phase where a toddler is on the cusp of a milestone development – it will seem only moments to her parents before she no longer crawls up the stairs, but bounds up to her teenage bedroom!


About this family portrait session in Tooting, south London:

The family portrait session was a birthday present for the dad – happy birthday!

I photographed them in their kitchen, making use of the beautiful natural light streaming in. After a few gently posed group shots, I took some more natural photographs upstairs in the parents’ bedroom. This gorgeous little girl played with her bunnies, played peekaboo in the mirror, and then read a story with Mum and Dad when she needed some down-time.

After an hour or so, we went for a little walk outside – and I captured her wobbly steps, supported by her proud parents.


From the parents:

Why did you choose me to take your family photographs?
I wanted to find someone to photograph our family group as a surprise for my husband’s 40th birthday. After searching for some time and not seeing anything quite right, I hit upon Louise’s site and instantly loved the style, set-up and relaxed nature of the pictures. From then on, the process was an absolute pleasure!

What would you say to another family considering booking me to photograph their family? Why should they choose me?
Book it! The session was incredibly low key and relaxed and we were intrigued to see the results, when we were shown them we bowled over by what she had captured and it was exactly what we’d been looking for as a record of our little family.

Why did you choose an ‘at home’ / location photographer rather than a studio photographer?
Our little girl was just over 1 year’s old at the time and we knew sitting still wouldn’t be her forte…having the shoot somewhere she was familiar with and would be comfortable in was key. And she loved showing off all her little toys and play things to Louise which made for some lovely shots!

Did you have any hesitations or reservations before booking your portrait session? What did you feel unsure about, what were you anxious of and / or what questions did you need answered?
It’s always tricky to judge whether the shots will turn out as you hope but Louise had such a range on her site that I liked that I knew she would get the style we were after exactly right. All questions on what to where, how the session would go etc. were answered quickly and efficiently. It was then just up to us to make sure we were on our best ‘form’ on the day!

How did you find the experience of having your family photographs taken?
Great fun. And far more relaxed then we thought it would be. Louise was incredibly clever at just taking shots as we went along so we had no idea how some of them would turn out but she captured some incredibly natural and fun moments.

What do you especially like about your photographs?
We especially liked the natural nature of the shots, she definitely captured the cheekiness of our little girl and my husband loved it as well which shows in all the photos.

Can you say a little (or a lot!) about your favourite photograph/s?
There were many lovely photos but a few stood out, a really loved one on the stairs with my husband helping our daughter climb up and his arms framing her, an especially cute one of our daughter cuddling her ‘bunnies’ and a close up of her holding our hands walking down the street. All taken at very natural moments and very clever in their composition and outcome.

What were the highlights of the overall experience for you?
The highlights were how simple and straight forward the shoot was, how good Louise was with our daughter and the excellent results.

Can you describe a memorable moment from the portrait session?
Definitely the shot with the bunnies! Our daughter was having such fun that she just laid down with the three of them and gave this cheeky grin! Louise captured exactly the right moment!

What advice would you give other parents to help them get the most out of their portrait session?
Do have a think about what you’re wearing in advance. Without too much preparation we managed to wear some brighter colours and roughly coordinated which really helped the shots, this was more due to luck than design! A bit of pre-thought on that part really helps.

How important was it to you to have a family portrait session?
I had been wanting to have some professional shots of our daughter taken for a while but felt including the three of us would be even nicer, it just needed the excuse of a significant birthday to make it happen!

Was there any reason you decided to have your portrait session at this particular time?
It was a surprise 40th birthday celebration for my husband.

Have you given prints or frames to family members or loved ones? If so, how were they received?
We have given a selection of prints to family which they loved.

Is there anything I could improve?
Nothing springs to mind!

Anything else you’d like to share?
Just to say that if you’re looking for some lovely family shots which are definitely a cut above the rest in terms of quality and style, Louise is the person for you!

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