Personal Pick: January 2018

Personal Pick: January 2018

baby being held by mother and godparents at its christening in London

I chose this photograph for January’s Personal Pick as it’s such a joyous moment. It was taken whilst the family were gathering to take a group portrait after the christening service. The mother and godparents were absorbed in the fun of the moment, unaware of the camera. I love capturing these fleeting moments – the look of total delight on the baby’s face, the hilarity on the godfather’s face, the love and pride in the mother’s smile, and the tenderness of the godmother holding her little hand.

A christening is so much about who will play a key part in a baby’s life, who will be surrounding the baby with love and guidance as it grows up. This photograph seems to symbolise that, with the godparents so closely involved and wrapped around the baby.

I love how the adults’ bodies frame the baby, creating a visual shield for the baby. Waiting for the exact second where this all comes together in a photograph is so rewarding, and it’s always a real delight to see moments like these on the big screen.

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