Personal Pick: July 2017

Personal Pick: July 2017

Family photographer London toddler dog

Why I chose this photograph:

Because who wouldn’t want a cuddle with a curly haired dog that’s bigger than you?

Pets are such an important part of family life, but often overlooked in family portraits. If a family has a pet, I always ask if they’d like the pet included. This moment was just too gorgeous to pass up – little arms thrown around the enormous dog, chubby little toddler fingers pressed firmly into his body for maximum affection. How stoic is the dog! His upright posture and determined gaze remind me of the guards at Buckingham Palace – studiously ignoring the children around them, and concentrating on the job at hand. The love between this little chap and the family dog is unmistakable – a total pleasure to have captured their relationship for posterity.

A word from the mum:

“Louise was amazing with our family. The boys immediately warmed to her. She has a way with children and a real understanding of how they work. This makes the session so much fun. My husband hates having his photo taken but he really enjoyed the session with Louise. She was even good with the family dog! The result was great shots of the boys and all the family. We shall treasure the photos forever.” Liz

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