Personal Pick: March 2017

Personal Pick: March 2017

Child photographer London -4Why I love this photograph:

This gorgeous little girl absolutely loves reading at the moment, so I was keen to capture her engrossed in a book. She showed me her favourite storybook, and I took some photographs of her in deep concentration. After a few moments, her bubbly personality was too much and the reading collapsed into giggles and monkeying around. I love capturing this variety of expressions for parents, creating a record of different moods and reactions.

The splash of red on her sleeves works so well with the green of the pages – they’re complementary colours (opposite each other on a colour wheel), so they intensify each other. Even luckier for me, there are also tertiary colours (three colours sitting side by side on a colour wheel) at play here! Here we have the green, teal and dark blue – three happy partners.

A similar moment with different pages of the book would still have made a lovely photograph, but this combination of colours takes it to the next level.

If colour wheels are news to you, have a look at this to see what I mean:

colour wheel 2

About this family portrait session in Clapham, south London:

I took some photographs of the family all together in their kitchen and living room, including some gently posed group shots as well as natural moments of them all interacting.

After an impromptu dance display from their very talented daughter, we headed out to Clapham Common. The Spring sunshine was in full swing, and the crocuses and daffodils peeping through.

I photographed the family walking together, as well as stopping to look at the flowers and pausing for kisses and cuddles.

It was an absolute pleasure photographing this family, and I hope their framed prints bring them lots of pleasure for years to come.

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