Personal Pick: November 2017

Personal Pick: November 2017

Natural family photography south London

Why I chose this photograph:

The yellow Autumn leaves were so beautiful, laying right across the ground. We were en route to another spot in the park, but the leaves made such a stunning backdrop, we simply had to stop and take some photographs there! The colours work so well with this handsome little chap’s colouring, bringing out his skin tone and the lovely copper tones in his hair. Asking him questions to make him giggle, we found ourselves on an unexpected line of enquiry – what kind of food an elf might put in his sandwich! The final suggestion was not repeatable but worked a treat in eliciting this cheeky little grin. I love the way those little dimples are still showing, and the perfect cupid’s bow of his lips. The light has caught beautifully in his eyes, lifting the scene from otherwise quite flat colours into a sparkling Autumn scene.

This handsome little chap had just become a big brother. Having previously photographed his christening, it was such a treat to photograph him in this new stage of life. He was so proud and loving, a very affectionate sibling.

This family portrait session was in Cannizaro park in Wimbledon. It’s a favourite spot of mine: the open landscapes are so picturesque, the landscaped gardens are so pretty and the walled garden is lots of fun for children to run through.

I love photographing families in Autumn – the colours of the trees and leaves are so inspiring, and bring something really special to the photographs. Bundling children up in their jumpers, coats and wellies adds a real sense of adventure to heading outdoors. It’s always such fun photographing little ones running through the fallen leaves, or being thrown up into the air with the yellow and orange trees as a colourful backdrop. You can see more about how I photograph differently in each season here.

Anyway, enough from me! I asked the parents a few questions about their experience:

Why did you choose me to take your family photographs?
Louise is an excellent photographer and also very relaxed to spend time with. The combination of these qualities is wonderful.

What would you say to another family considering booking me to photograph their family? Why should they choose me?
Louise has a wonderful eye for capturing unusual and unexpected moments.

Why did you choose a location photographer rather than a studio photographer?
It brings the pictures to life and made us all far more relaxed than a studio shoot. It was actually a very enjoyable and relaxed morning.

Did you have any hesitations or reservations before booking your portrait session? What did you feel unsure about, what were you anxious of and / or what questions did you need answered?
No – we have worked with Louise a number of times and we know she always delivers some wonderful shots.

How did you find the experience of having your family photographs taken?
Having recently transitioned from a three to a four – we wanted to capture this special time in the life of our family and Louise did this perfectly.

What do you especially like about your photographs?
The autumn colours provided us (and particularly our red headed son) with a perfect back drop for this shoot.

What were the highlights of the overall experience for you?
We loved spending time with Louise after the shoot, looking over the results and we were beyond thrilled.

Can you describe a memorable moment from the portrait session?
Louise was particularly good at making us feel relaxed and locating some rather magical backdrops/locations for the shoot.

What advice would you give other parents to help them get the most out of their portrait session?
Just put your confidence in Louise and all will be good.

How important was it to you to have a family portrait session?
Very. It is obviously an investment in terms of time and cost, but we love the idea of capturing some special memories with a professional and extremely competent photographer – the photos from all our sessions with Louise are some of our most valuable possessions as a family.

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