Photographing a newborn that’s older than 10 days old

Photographing a newborn that’s older than 10 days old

I get it – having a newborn is a total whirlwind, the days blur together and all of a sudden you have a ten day old newborn and you realise you’d like to capture these early days with professional photographs. You get in touch with some newborn photographers, only to discover the one thing they don’t mention in antenatal classes – that the ideal window for a newborn portrait session is 7-10 days (find out more about why here). However, this is only the ideal window , so don’t worry if your baby’s older than 10 days old – it can still be done!

13 day old newborn baby photographed outside the 7-10 day window

13 days new

Cluster feeding

Your newborn baby is likely to have a growth spurt soon, and to embark on massive cluster feeding sessions to help fuel that incredible growth. Feeding time can itself make for a lovely photo opportunity, I can photograph the bond between mother and baby, and if you’re bottle feeding I can also photograph Dad feeding baby. Breast feeding can be photographed in a sensitive way that doesn’t expose your skin if you’d prefer. Alternatively, it’s no problem to all to wait until your baby’s not feeding before taking my camera out – and in the window between winding, nappy changing and napping, I’ll photograph your baby awake! There’s always a window of calm, it’s just a case of waiting for it. We might not get as much opportunity for different shots as we would have if your baby were a little younger, but we can still create a beautiful set of images for you that record these special first weeks.

Skin issues

Yes, baby acne is likely to rear its head – but I’m happy to edit away (free of charge) little spots from any photographs that you choose to frame or include in an album.

Digestive problems and reflux

Babies can also battle digestive issues between weeks 2 and 6. If yours does, don’t worry – I work at your baby’s pace and if they need to be picked up and soothed, that’s absolutely fine. If your baby has reflux, we can keep your baby upright for most – or all – of the portrait session, whatever’s most comfortable for your little one.

Longer session option

I have two options for newborn portrait sessions: a 2 hour session, or a 3 to 4 hour session. It’s worth considering the longer option (3-4 hours) as that buys us more time with waiting for your baby’s calm and quiet windows, and can make for an even more relaxed experience for you.

Six week milestone

Another option to think about is waiting until your baby’s hit their six week milestone – they’ll be a bit more settled, sleeping and feeding better, and more alert. They might even be starting to smile at you, which is well worth waiting for – such a special moment. And at six weeks, newborns are still very tiny!

6 week old newborn baby lying in her father's arms

6 weeks new

Booking your newborn portrait session

If you simply can’t wait and you’d like your newborn photographed at their tiniest, just get in touch and I’ll find the earliest available dates for you. I look forward to photographing your little bundle!

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