We’ll create lots of video content during your headshot session. But if you need some ideas to keep the content coming until your next headshot sessions, here are 20 suggestions to keep the creativity flowing! You can turn everyday activities and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business into engaging B-roll for your social media and marketing videos.

Day to Day Inspiration:

  1. Cosy Corner: Sitting curled up on an armchair or sofa creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Foodie Fun: Cooking a dish related to your brand or simply showing your love for good food adds a personal touch.
  3. Walk This Way: Film your feet walking through a relevant location – a coffee shop for a cafe owner, a park for a dog walker.
  4. Bookworms: Leafing through a book with inspirational quotes or business-related content shows your more thoughtful side.
  5. Dog Days: Who doesn’t love a cute dog video? Walking your furry friend can make a relatable and engaging B-roll clip.
  6. Motivational Moments: Capture an inspiring view (cityscape or nature) to complement an uplifting quote.
  7. Drink Up: Making your favourite coffee or tea can be a simple yet relatable B-roll addition.
  8. Clean Slate: Show yourself cleaning up your desk to symbolise a fresh start or tackling a new project.
  9. Journaling: Sharing thoughtful reflections can help to show your more private side.
  10. Cute Kids: Let the kids take the limelight! Clients love seeing snippets of family life, share who you are beyond your business.

Behind-the-Scenes Business Insights:

  1. Lists: Hold up fingers to introduce a list of tips or benefits – perfect for short, engaging Reels.
  2. Testimonials & Trust: Show snippets of positive customer reviews or testimonials to build trust with viewers.
  3. From Start to Finish: Film the process of creating something you sell – baking a cake, crafting a product, etc.
  4. Stop Motion: Use stop motion animation to showcase your products in a fun and creative way.
  5. Packaging: Show yourself carefully packaging orders to highlight your attention to detail and customer care.
  6. Milestones: Celebrate a business anniversary with balloons, cake, or a team photo – perfect B-roll for a celebratory video.
  7. Workspace: Take your viewers on a quick tour of your workspace, showcasing your team and environment.
  8. Tech Time: Include shots of the tech you use – laptops, phones, design software – to show the work that goes into your business.
  9. Pen to Paper: Film yourself writing in a notebook to showcase brainstorming or planning sessions.
  10. Client Connection: Capture a snippet of a call to demonstrate your client interactions.

Remember, with a little creativity, everyday moments can become captivating B-roll. So grab your phone, start filming, and elevate your small business videos to the next level!

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