100 days portrait session in south London - a Chinese mother kissing her baby

100 days portrait sessions: family photographs

100 days portrait sessions: family photographs “Thanks Louise! A professional with a lot of expertise and warmth, you put us as well as baby at ease, and we’re really happy with your work. Would definitely recommend!” Arthur I love photographing babies to celebrate their 100 days milestone. In traditional Chinese culture, a baby’s 100 day…

A baby being dressed for a christening smiling at the camera

Christening photographer – St. Paul’s church, Chiswick

Christening photographer: St. Paul’s church, Chiswick “I was delighted with Ella’s christening photos.” Rebecca It was such a pleasure to photograph this christening at Saint Paul’s Church in Chiswick. I photographed the preparations at the family’s house beforehand. They had a beautiful antique christening gown for the baby to wear, which I photographed hanging up…

family photographer Wandsworth - toddler crib

Choosing Where To Take Photographs In Your Home

Parents often ask if their home will work, what I’ll do if it’s not a picture-perfect home, if it’s cluttered, small or dark. I totally get that these are very real concerns. Having lived in a North-facing flat, I really empathise!

It’s easy to say that I can always make any home work, but I thought it might be better to show this in action. To give you an idea of how I’d approach a cluttered room, I whizzed round my daughter Zoe’s bedroom to show you where I’d take photographs. Read on for those snaps!

child's bedroom interior design

10 ways to future-proof your child’s bedroom design

10 ways to future-proof your child’s bedroom design Decorating your child’s bedroom Designing a new bedroom for your children can be lots of fun – but equally a bit overwhelming. It’s something you don’t want to be doing too frequently, so spend a bit of time thinking through how you can future-proof the design so…


Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery Decorating your baby’s nursery can be a powerful way of starting to bond with your unborn baby. When nesting kicks in, use it to its full advantage to pour all your energy into creating a beautiful, personalised room for your new arrival! As a newborn photographer and children’s photographer, I see…


How To Hang Pictures On Your Wall At Home

Working out where to hang a framed print is worth taking a little time over. Get it wrong and it looks a little slap dash. Get it right, and perfectly placed frames on your wall can transform a room.

With this expert guide, you’ll find out how to hang one frame, several frames or a gallery wall.

I managed a photography gallery in London, and over the years I learnt all the pro tips and tricks for hanging pictures for exhibitions. Now, as a full-time family photographer, I’m often advising clients on where and how to hang their artwork.

A little girl peering through a railing over the river Thames in London

Child photographer Hammersmith, London

Family photography in Hammersmith Having gone to school in Hammersmith (at St Paul’s), I love revisiting the area to photograph the children who are now growing up here themselves. It was such a treat having Brook Green right across from the school building – it’s a bit limited as a photo location, but Ravenscourt Park…

A little girl playing with a plastic chainsaw in her garden

North London

Relaxed family photography at home in North London Little kids in their play environment make for the cutest of memories. This little girl’s play toys captured her personality wonderfully. First, I captured a few sweet photographs of her preparing a cup of something special in her play kitchen. The bright colours of the play kitchen…

Newborn photography Richmond - swaddled

Photographing Babies With Reflux

Around 40% of babies experience some level of reflux. It’s a condition that I’m very experienced with working with. It’s always possible to take beautiful photographs of babies with reflux, it just takes a little patience and lots of experience.

No matter what medical condition a baby has, or his/her mood on the day, I work at their pace. I won’t rush either you or your baby.

back view of a young girl reaching and looking inside a box in her well designed child room indoor

15 stylish toy storage solutions

Stylish toy storage solutions Finding creative and stylish ways to store toys can be immensely satisfying, and can be simple to do. Containing toys has been a long-running project of mine: my daughter’s toys seem to multiply by the day, despite my one-in-one-out policy! I’ve enjoyed finding creative storage toy solutions over the years. As…

Newborn portrait session Clapham in south London

Photographing Siblings With A Newborn

Photographing siblings with a newborn is a bit of an art form in itself. I’m very comfortable and familiar with this situation – I have photographed hundreds of families with siblings.

I totally understand how nervous parents can feel about a session like this will go, though. The experience will be so different from a newborn portrait session with just one baby. How will it work with a toddler in the mix?

Well, my years of experience mean that I can read your oldest child’s mood as well as your newborn’s. I adapt the format of the portrait session according to their needs. If one child wants a break, that’s fine! If your toddler wants some time being the star, that’s also fine – I can work with whatever they like doing.