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Choosing Where To Take Photographs In Your Home

Parents often ask if their home will work, what I’ll do if it’s not a picture-perfect home, if it’s cluttered, small or dark. I totally get that these are very real concerns. Having lived in a North-facing flat, I really empathise!

It’s easy to say that I can always make any home work, but I thought it might be better to show this in action. To give you an idea of how I’d approach a cluttered room, I whizzed round my daughter Zoe’s bedroom to show you where I’d take photographs. Read on for those snaps!


How To Hang Pictures On Your Wall At Home

Working out where to hang a framed print is worth taking a little time over. Get it wrong and it looks a little slap dash. Get it right, and perfectly placed frames on your wall can transform a room.

With this expert guide, you’ll find out how to hang one frame, several frames or a gallery wall.

I managed a photography gallery in London, and over the years I learnt all the pro tips and tricks for hanging pictures for exhibitions. Now, as a full-time family photographer, I’m often advising clients on where and how to hang their artwork.

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15 stylish toy storage solutions

Stylish toy storage solutions Finding creative and stylish ways to store toys can be immensely satisfying, and can be simple to do. Containing toys has been a long-running project of mine: my daughter’s toys seem to multiply by the day, despite my one-in-one-out policy! I’ve enjoyed finding creative storage toy solutions over the years. As…