business photographer shoot for a childrens activity provider - foot paintings

Business photographer – children’s activity provider in London

I had the total pleasure of photographing Brood Family Studio: children’s creative activities in Balham run by the wonderful Amelia. I really wish these had been running these classes when my own daughter was a little tot, she’d have loved them – they’re so much fun, and seriously put the MESSY into messy play! It’s a really lovely opportunity to meet other parents and carers, and hang out for a cup of tea afterwards.. Such a great setup. Check them out – highly recommended.

About this business

Amelia runs a creative studio called Brood Family Studio for babies and children, from newborns to 7 year olds. Activities include: Massage & Mind, Creative Baby Sensory, Creative Activities, Toddler Cooking, After School Club & holiday camps.

This business came about because Amelia loves all things creative and she loves children.

One of the things that makes this business unique is the fact that it’s a physical space running an array of classes, a bit like how a gym works. Usually for baby / toddler classes you end up in church halls or pub back rooms. Amelia has taken a lot of care to make the studio and garden a beautiful place for families to enjoy.

Secondly, the classes themselves are all written from scratch by Amelia. She makes them really engaging and creative.

Third, Amelia creates a friendly community feel for the parents to really enjoy; she’s been really pleased that some parents have started meeting up outside of classes.

Amelia is such an inspiring combination of calm, inventive and fun. She’s an expert in all things kids and creativity! A mum herself, she knows how important it is to put on classes and activities that parents don’t have the time, energy or means to do at home.

“The branding photos are really brilliant – I am really, really pleased with them. I can’t wait to put them all over my website and show people! Thank you – they’re amazing!” Amelia 

See photos from this personal branding shoot in action:

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