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A Personal Branding Shoot in London

Meet Becky from Colliers Woof, dog-walker and dog-trainer extraordinaire. This lovely lady works harder than anyone I’ve met in my life, with such a radiant smile on her face. No wonder the dogs love her! If you’re in the Colliers Wood area and ever looking for a new dog walker or trainer, look no further – Becky’s the one you need! Over the course of a morning, I photographed her at work, took some headshots, photographed the dogs (aka her clients!) and the tools of her trade. All set for a marketing refresh now!

“I couldn’t recommend Louise more for a branding photoshoot – it was one of the most useful (and enjoyable) experiences that I’ve had as a small business owner. She asked the perfect questions to understand what messages I wanted to get across for my business – the preparation was thorough and thoughtful, but also concise. She made me and my partner feel so at ease whilst doing the shoot itself, and the photos are absolutely incredible and couldn’t have captured the ethos of my business better. I cannot wait to use these photos on my website and across my social media platforms – it has been absolutely invaluable to promoting myself and my business.” Becky

Here’s a photo from the shot in action, on Collier Woof’s Instagram account:

Here’s a selection of photos from this personal branding shoot:

It was such a fun morning photographing Becky and her canine crew. Tramping through the mud is one of my favourite things to do, so luckily the bad weather didn’t phase me at all! Weather sealing on professional camera equipment means I don’t have to worry about my kit much either.

Which isn’t to say that we didn’t enjoy the warming cup of tea between dog walks!

As the morning unfolded, I took some photos of the dogs as well as headshots of Becky and her boyfriend Adam who helps out with the walking and boarding too. I photographed Becky’s enormous stash of keys (prison officers have nothing on Becky), and her dog diary – all the little details that will help her clients connect with her on a personal level.

My goal with a business photoshoot is always to give a really strong sense of what’s involved in the business, so a client can understand the company at a glance.

See photos from this personal branding shoot in action:

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