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Business photographer – food: a commercial kitchen in London

I’m feeling peckish, and these photos aren’t helping!

Mark and Molly are the husband & wife team behind Dulwich Pantry – I had the pleasure of photographing them and their team recently for a branding shoot.

I photographed the staff, the food, the team cooking, the utensils, the works. A little refresh for their marketing materials!

In a few hours, there’s plenty of time to photograph you and your team at work, as well as to include some behind the scenes shots. These kind of photos go such a long way with helping your customers connect to you on a personal level. Never forget that people buy from people – make sure your customers know who you are!

As with every business photoshoot, I discussed which kinds of photos would be most useful for Dulwich Pantry. We made a shotlist of the key shots beforehand, as well as a props list to really elevate the photos. I brought my vinyl backdrops (a wooden table, and a marble surface) which work particularly well for food photography.

Dulwich Pantry is a wholesale producer of savoury rolls, meat pies, quiches and Spanish Tortilla, along with a pastry arm that does chef quality desserts.

Mark and Molly both had extensive experience in the hospitality business – him as a chef and Molly in sales / front of house. Their aim with Dulwich Pantry was to combine their love for, and knowledge about, food into a successful small business venture. Which they have done, with aplomb!

Everything is handmade with fresh ingredients, and the company pride themselves on providing a quality product without compromise.

Eating their food during the staff lunch was something of a highlight, I have to admit – totally delicious!

“Louise was the epitome of professionalism and expertise while working with us on our commercial shoot.

The pre-planning of the shoot was concise and creative. She had great content and prop ideas, and asked all the right questions for our team to be prepared for the day.

We found Louise worked more efficiently and precisely than other photographers we’d used before, and was intuitive and knowledgeable.

We are so pleased with the photographs, and would highly recommend her.

From a marketing perspective, her photographs will be such an asset to our brand.

We are already planning another shoot, keen to make continued use of her skills.” Molly

See photos from this branding shoot in action:

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