Christening photographer at Chelsea Old Church

Christening photographer at Chelsea Old Church

Chelsea Old Church is such a spectacular building, with very soft and gentle light. It’s a dream for christening photography!

I always photograph both the church’s interior and exterior as these will really help give your child a sense of what their christening day was like – where it was held and what that looked like. Even with the interior covered with renovation scaffolding at it was on this day, it’s always possible to photograph the attractive parts and make the most of the architecture.

Photographing the guests gathering outside provided lots of opportunity to document the little girl with her godparents and loved ones. She was such a sociable little thing, no problem at all with being passed around for cuddles!

Wearing a brightly coloured rainjacket is a great move for children on rainy days, it really bring a pop of colour to the photographs in grey weather. This yellow mac was adorable, and made for some really colourful photographs.

The priest here requires that the photographer doesn’t move during the service – knowing this in advance is imperative, and all part of why I always have a pre-consultation with the family before the christening day. Armed with this knowledge I was able to pick a vantage point that allowed me to photograph both the service and the guests, without moving my feet an inch!

The church gardens make such a pretty location for drinks after the christening, and the foliage is ideal for taking some family and group portraits here too.

After the service, guests made their way to the nearby Phene, where I photographed the reception. It’s always a great opportunity to photograph everyone enjoying themselves – the big event over, everyone relaxes and there’s lots of fun and laughter to document.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking through the photographs here: the key moments as well as the little ones; the emotion as well as the details.