Christening at St Bartholomew the Great London

Christening photographer: St Bartholomew the Great

I absolutely love photographing christenings at St Bartholomew The Great. It’s London’s oldest parish church, and the sense of history in the building is intense.

The juxtaposition of the super-modern buildings of Smithfields with this ancient church is just astonishing. It feels incredible to walk past glass towers and then to turn into this pocket that time forgot – it’s really dreamlike.

A note for Canon photographers – the dark, atmospheric lighting calls for a Canon 5D Mk IV. A mark III simply wouldn’t cut it – the ISO required is very high indeed.

As a christening photographer, I’m in a lot of different churches throughout the year, but I have to admit to St Bart’s The Great being my favourite. It’s so majestic, and the history is palpable.

Reception at the Butcher’s Hall in the City:

Discreet, emotive christening photography

Your child’s Christening or Baptism is one of life’s seminal moments, a joyful occasion where all your closest friends and family come together to welcome your baby to the world.

No-one can help but be moved by the grace and poignancy of the event. It inspires me every time. 

Rest assured I’m always discreet. My silent shutter and sensitive approach means you’ll barely notice as I quietly photograph your child’s special day. 

I’m focused on capturing the moments that matter – from the beauty of the venue to the atmosphere throughout the service and reception, as well as meaningful details like the cake or flowers. 




I’ll photograph the key moments of the service itself, as well as your guests’ reactions, scene setting photographs and group portraits – and I’ll document the fun of your reception. 

I always look to take photographs that will not only move you now, but will also bring back memories in years to come.

Please know that all families are 100% welcome – single parent families, same sex parents, all religions and backgrounds. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and I’m honoured to photograph each and every one.

I have a simple pricing structure, with no hidden surprises. 

You can find out what to expect here, and we can discuss what you're looking for to see if I'll be a good fit for your family. Just get in touch



Quality prints & albums

Albums are a wonderful way of showing your child what their christening day was like. It always seems such a shame that such a momentous day is almost always one a child won't remember! Creating a beautiful album puts your favourite photos in one book that you can look through together later, in years to come. 

I work with specialist printers and album suppliers to create truly stunning products for you to treasure, and to pass on to the next generations. It's a great opportunity to create some family heirlooms that your children can share with their own children in years to come. 

Every christening booking includes a store credit, so you can have a stunning print to remember the day by. You can also put your store credit towards an album, if you prefer.


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