Christening photographer: photographs from Clerkenwell – central London. St Peter’s Italian Church

Christening photographer: photographs from Clerkenwell – central London. St Peter’s Italian Church


“Louise was a great photographer for our baby’s christening, and she was discreet and pleasant to have around during the day. Her pictures are outstanding!” Elisa


Photographing this Christening

It was a real delight to photograph this christening at St Peter’s Italian Church on Clerkenwell Road. Stepping in to this beautiful church, it’s incredible to think of the hustle and bustle left behind outside.

I love the building, with its beautiful ceiling and milky light seeping through the windows. I love the crazy chaos of several families being christened at once, and the challenge of photographing one family without including any other family in the photographs.

As I often do, I photographed both the service as well as the start of the reception afterwards – capturing both the key moments as well as the quiet, emotional moments. I was there in good time to photograph the church and meaningful details before the family and their friends arrived – these details play an important role in storytelling, and remembering the whole of the day.

At this church, photographers aren’t allowed too close to the action so it’s essential to have the right lenses, that allow me to take close-up photographs even from far away. Equally, with other families being baptised at the same time, I need lenses with me that mean I can keep the other families out of the photographs. It’s a technical challenge, but one that I really enjoy!

Italian christenings are so lively and emotive, they’re always such a pleasure to photograph. The priest at this church is so charismatic and gentle with the babies, and there’s a great sense of occasion there every time.

After the service, I accompanied the family and friends to an Italian restaurant nearby – photographing everyone walking over and laughing together. Although no one wants to be photographed whilst eating, having some photographs of the reception venue and the social interactions there really help complete the overall story. It’s so important that the photographs from a christening bring back memories of the whole day – all the little details that have taken such careful planning and consideration.

Update: their second child’s Christening

It was such an honour to be asked to photograph another christening for this family.

The service was held at the same church, and the reception at the same restaurant.

Here are some photographs from the day:Looking up at the exterior of Saint Peters Italian church in central London

Interior shot of St Peter's Italian church in London showing baby blue ceiling and gold arches

Baby laughing before his christening being held by his loving grandmother

Photograph of statues in St Peter's Italian church in London

Natural portrait of a baby boy for his christening

Children playing with their grandmother in church

A little girl waits patiently in church during London christening

Father holds his little boy in the air before his christening

Close-up of golden oil containers for a christening

The order of service at a London christening

Wide-angle view at St Peter's Italian church showing the congregation

Baptism candles laid out on a marble surface

The priest delivers a sermon in front of a mediaeval painting

The mother speaks at her little boys christening in London

Congregation at Saint Peters Italian church

The baby is baptised with water dripping from his head

A baby boy is held in the air after his christening

Father holding his son and his arms after his christening

Parents and godfather hold a christening candle

Father receiving a blessing at his sons baptism

The priest blesses the babies head and holds a rosary

Father kisses his son's head