Christening photography – St. Paul’s church, Chiswick

Christening photography – St. Paul’s church, Chiswick

And antique white christening gown hanging on a wooden door
Mother and her baby looking back towards the camera in their garden
Close-up of a grandmother's hand unbuttoning a christening gown
A baby being dressed for a christening smiling at the camera

“I was delighted with Ella’s christening photos”. Rebecca

It was such a pleasure to photograph this christening at Saint Paul’s Church in Chiswick. I photographed the preparations at the family’s house beforehand. They had a beautiful antique christening gown for the baby to wear, which I photographed hanging up in their home.

I also documented more candid moments – such as the grandparents sitting outside in the garden, spending time with the baby. The luscious green pergola made a wonderful back drop for some photographs.

We then went inside so the mother and grandmother could dress the baby. She found it hilarious playing peepo with the enormous gown.

As usual, I photographed the exterior of the church and guests arriving, as well as the indoor views of the church to set the scene. Photographing the guests chatting and smiling as they waited for the service to start helps bring back lots of memories for a family.

During the service, I photographed the vicar blessing the baby, as well as more intimate moments such as the mother looking down adoringly at her baby. I always look out for emotive moments amongst family and guests as they also help tell the full story of the day.

The guests walked along the river to the Bell and Crown pub on the Chiswick Riverside. The pub was packed – it was lovely to see so many loved ones gathered to celebrate this special day.

I took some birds eye view photographs to set the scene, as well as natural photographs of the guests enjoying themselves. I photographed the food – the mini burgers were a big hit; and of course the cake (not pictured here for privacy reasons, as it had the child’s full name embroidered onto bunting).

I also spent some time outside the reception venue photographing guests enjoying the river itself – looking out of the water and cooling off with a riverside walk.

What a special day – a total honour to photograph it for this lovely family.

Mother and grandmother dressing a baby and her christening gown
A candid portrait of a grandmother holding a baby before a christening
Exterior of St Paul's church in Chiswick with guests arriving for christening
Interior of St Paul's church in Chiswick with guests sitting them selves
Candid portrait of a guest smiling at a London christening
Natural photograph of the guests laughing at a christening in London
Photograph from the back of a mother holding her baby at a christening
The mother looks down lovingly at her baby in church
Vicar reading from the order of service at a christening
Vicar baptising a baby At a London christening
Close up of two hands holding an order of service at a christening
Guest singing during a christening in Chiswick
Godmother laughing during a christening in London
A little girl looking at an order of service during a christening
Father laughing As he holds a baby after a christening
Grandparents clapping at a baptism in London
A couple pushing a buggy by the Riverside in Chiswick
Guests under an umbrella walking to the christening reception in London
The Bell and Crown pub in Chiswick
A wide angle scene from London christening reception showing guests mingling
Two little girls compare heights
Two men laughing with an aperol spritz in hand
A loving uncle kisses a baby at her christening
Candid portrait of a father holding his daughter by the river in Chiswick London
Baby laughing as she is held in the air wearing a blue dress
A lady smiling holds a baby In front of a gold mirror
Birds eye view of the outdoor seating area
Two little girls look out at the Riverside in Chiswick