Christening photographer at St Paul’s Cathedral

Christening photographer at St Paul’s Cathedral

Exterior of St. Paul's cathedral in London

Discreet christening photography – St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s cathedral is such an iconic building, I wanted to find new and interesting angles to photograph it from. I wanted to illustrate how majestic the structure of the cathedral was, so I angled the photographs from a lower angle to give them a more grandiose feel. From the classic dome shape architecture and pillars, to the beautiful decor details indoors, St. Paul’s cathedral in London was a beautiful backdrop for this sweet little girl’s baptism to take place. No matter the church, I always make sure to capture what makes that particular church special and making the most of its beauty.

Before the baptism service, family members and friends greeted each other amongst the pews. They were all smiles. I loved capturing their giddy excitement that permeated the room before the service began. Some were catching up after a long time, and some were just meeting each other, but they all seemed delighted to be gathering together to witness such a special moment in a baby’s life.

As guests were strolling in, I photographed the baby’s baptism outfit hanging from one of the door knobs. The elegant carvings of the cathedral door complimented the delicate embroidery of the dress wonderfully. I felt the photograph of this scene captured part of the essence of this baptism service.

Guests were thrilled to greet this baby girl when she made an appearance wearing the traditional white baptism dress. This baby cheerfully sat in her father’s lap as they awaited for the service to begin. Both parents seemed excited for the service to ensue and for their baby girl to enter a new stage in life.

Photography of the service isn’t permitted at St Paul’s Cathedral, so I put my camera to the side and enjoyed the service.

Relaxed christening reception photography

After the baptism service, I photographed a few group photographs with guests and the family, as well as with the priest. These are always nice photographs to look back on and remember who attended.

The reception was held at the nearby Young’s pub – complete with cupcakes, burgers, gifts, and celebrations. The young kids played together as the adults chatted over a glass of champagne. Guests took turns congratulating and holding the newly baptised baby with big grins – until it all got too much for this gorgeous little baby and she fell into a much-needed nap!

Looking up at the exterior of St. Paul's cathedral in London.Close-up photo of the exterior of St Paul's cathedral in London.Inside St Paul's Cathedral London.Interior of St Paul's Cathedral London showing the holy bible on lectern.