Personal Pick 14: photographs from a christening in Chelsea, southwest London – Our Most Holy Redeemer & St Thomas More

Personal Pick 14: photographs from a christening in Chelsea, southwest London – Our Most Holy Redeemer & St Thomas More

baby being held by mother and godparents at its christening in London

I chose this photograph for January’s Personal Pick as it’s such a joyous moment. It was taken whilst the family were gathering to take a group portrait after the christening service. The mother and godparents were absorbed in the fun of the moment, unaware of the camera. I love capturing these fleeting moments – the look of total delight on the baby’s face, the hilarity on the godfather’s face, the love and pride in the mother’s smile, and the tenderness of the godmother holding her little hand.

A christening is so much about who will play a key part in a baby’s life, who will be surrounding the baby with love and guidance as it grows up. This photograph seems to symbolise that, with the godparents so closely involved and wrapped around the baby.

I love how the adults’ bodies frame the baby, creating a visual shield for the baby. Waiting for the exact second where this all comes together in a photograph is so rewarding, and it’s always a real delight to see moments like these on the big screen.

This christening was at¬†Our Most Holy Redeemer & St Thomas More¬†church near Cheyne Walk in Chelsea, south London. It’s such a beautiful venue – the light is incredibly soft and dreamy.

Father kissing his baby wearing a christening gown in gentle spring light
Mum and baby by Chelsea bridge in London, dressed for the baby's christening
Parents holding their baby in a christening gown by the river in Chelsea, London
A lady wearing a black jacket pushes an antique buggy decorated with leaves and flowers
Group family portrait on the riverside towpath in Chelsea London
Parents pushing their baby in an antique pram along terraced London houses
Exterior of Our Most Holy Redeemer & St Thomas More church in Chelsea London - red brick walls and ornate arches
Close up of a christening candle with sparkly lights in the background
Interior of Our Most Holy Redeemer & St Thomas More with green arches and pale pink ceiling
Natural candid portrait of a grandmother and baby at her christening in London
Father and godparent laughing with a red cross between them at a baby's christening
Guest laughing before a christening service in Chelsea London
Baby playing with a friend's fingers before her London christening
Priest speaking with parents and godparents during a christening service
Priest wetting the baby's head at her baptism in Chelsea London
Father reaches up to light a christening candle with Christmas tree in the background
Group portrait of parents and godparents at the altar of a London church
Adorable photo of dad holding his daughter while mum holds the lighted candle in the church from a christening portrait session in London