Children running in the courtyard of the Barbican

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“We are thrilled with the photos! We found the photo shoot experience fun and relaxed, as well as very professional. Clearly Louise has a lot of experience in getting the best out of children.” Esther

The Barbican is fast becoming my new favourite spot for taking family photographs. It’s such a majestic building, and there’s such variety in the walkways, the planted areas, the water features, the leading lines and perspective of the stairways.

The building seems to bring out the big kid in everyone – it’s so much fun climbing around the structures and playing with its features. This all makes for really varied photographs, with striking angles and interesting compositions.

I also love the Barbican for offering so many wet weather options! If it’s drizzly, we can hide out under a covered walkway and take photographs under cover. When the drizzle clears up, we can dart out again to the more open areas.

I hope you enjoy looking through photographs from two quite different sessions: one with school-age siblings, and one with a 3-month old baby. Given the different age ranges, I chose different areas of the Barbican that offered the most appropriate backdrops and photo opportunities for the children’s ages.

For those lucky enough to live in the Barbican, the resident’s garden also makes for a great location – the stunning tree, and uninterrupted view of the balconies are great for photographs.

I always look to include variety in every family portrait session, but as a photographer I’m really spoilt for choice at the Barbican!

I love including the softer, closer up portraits as well as those taken with a wider lens, that make more of the environment and the local buildings features.

As the colours of the Barbican are fairly dark, it’s well worth wearing lighter or brighter colours to bring a splash of colour to your photographs.

If you’ve got particular spots that you love or that really mean something to you, we can absolutely use those for the photographs.

What I would give to live in the Barbican!

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