Baby crawling on the kitchen floor

What are the benefits of starting at home for family photography?

  • Babies and children tend to be more confident at home
  • No rush to get to a meeting place on time
  • Photographs at home can be the most meaningful ones
Toddler sitting on a velvet armchair

“Our little girl was just over 1 year old, and we knew sitting still wouldn’t be her forté. Having the shoot somewhere she was familiar with and would be comfortable in was key. And she loved showing off all her little toys and play things to Louise, which made for some lovely shots!” Jessica

Starting at home: key benefits for your children

I absolutely get that for many parents, photographs outdoors in a pretty location is their priority. And we can absolutely take those photographs!

Experience has shown me, though, that for babies and young children, it’s always best to meet at home first. Home is where they feel most comfortable and relaxed. If you’re mostly interested in the outdoor photographs, we can look to head out as soon as your little one seems happy.

Toddler sitting outdoors against green grass

I’ve tried many variables over the years. Although I’ve tried meeting families with babies and young children in the park for a short session, the results are never as fantastic as if we meet at home first.

Let your children get used to having someone new (me!) around at home, and get used to the camera on home turf. This means that when we head outside, the prep work is already done. Your child knows we’re friends and we’re going to have a fun time in the park.

Children are so perceptive, and they can sense it’s not a normal morning if you’re rushing to get everyone dressed and ready to meet me in the park. Babies and young children are much more relaxed meeting at home, as they’ve not been rushed out of the house!


Starting at home: key benefits for your photographs

Toddler standing up against a glass table

It’s great including elements of your home as these will really bring back memories in years to come.

Babies can often be happier to show their new skills at home, like sitting or pulling themselves up.

Bear in mind that if your baby is only just sitting, there are lots of opportunities for me to photograph them at their level at home. These viewpoints can be harder to come by outside!

Clean floors offer lots of opportunity for photographing crawling. Muddy grass can be less popular with parents!

Some babies don’t like standing on grass, and so taking photographs at home too mean we can capture those little toes gripping the ground.

There’s also lots of opportunity to photograph your children’s favourite toys and activities. These are great ways for me to bring our child’s personality and character in your photographs.

As a parent myself, I know that it’s photographs of my daughter absorbed in her favourite activities that I particularly cherish.

“The photographs were beautiful – Louise knows how to get the best out of your home. She has a great eye for capturing stylish but genuine-feeling moments.” Louisa

Behind the scenes: starting at home, then heading outdoors

Worried whether your home is photogenic?

If you like the photographs on my website, then you have nothing to worry about. They’re all taken in normal homes, like yours!

You can see how I approach taking photographs in small flats or cluttered homes here. You’ll see that your home really doesn’t matter, I can make the most of any environment.

After photos at home, we’ll head outdoors

We can head to your local park, or I can make suggestions on parks and commons that work particularly well for photographs. Or we can simply spend time in your garden, or go for a little walk.

The way I work means we don’t need the most picturesque park ever. I’ll look for pretty backdrops, interesting trees and foliage, and vibrantly coloured flowers.

I love photographing families all together outdoors. These photographs always feel the most natural and they’re so emotive.

What to expect