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Baptism photographer: Hagia Sophia Greek Cathedral

I love photographing baptisms at the Hagia Sophia – it’s one of my favourite churches in London. It’s such a beautiful space and the light is so atmospheric.

Having your loved ones gather for your child’s christening is such a special event, and one that doesn’t often happen again after a wedding – what a great opportunity to capture photographs of them all enjoying a special day with you.

I love photographing guests arriving and greeting each other, and capturing all the emotion and excitement. It’s so great to be able to show your child when they grow up who was at their baptism, and what the day was like.

I always look to photograph the details in the build-up to a service, including the clothes ready and waiting – and the baptismal oils, candle and necklace.

The Santa Sophia cathedral offers so many interesting perspectives for me a photographer – the vantage points looking through the candle and crucifix makes for an interesting composition, and I always bring a range of lenses so I can include more of the striking interior in photographs as well as closer-up photographs of the people involved.

Christenings are such a great opportunity to get the nearest and dearest together and to have a big celebration with everyone close to you. It always tugs at my heart strings seeing how much it means to people to have their closest friends there to celebrate with them.

What to expect in a Greek Baptism

As a photographer, it’s so important to know – and to be able to anticipate – the special parts that are coming up in an orthodox Greek baptism.

I love capturing all the elements that go into the service: the blessing of the bible, the holy oils, cutting a lock of the baby’s hair, changing the baby into their special outfit. Knowing what’s coming means that I can photograph it all discreetly, as I can be in the right place at the right time.

Getting ready for a Greek baptism

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Exterior view of the Church in Hagia Sophia in Central London
Beautiful church ceiling with some arch design and some art and lighting on it
Candid look of a young girl on her dad's chest while holding onto someone in front of her from a christening portrait session in London
The priest reading a book in front of the family and the child that will be christened
Mum kissing a man on the chick while holding her baby in the church
Granny carrying the baby and other granny are happy to see the child
Elegant book cover with some diamonds and stone in the church
Church's oil and oil container in the altar for christening ritual
Mum holding her baby girl's hand while on her dad's chest proceeding the christening ritual
Granny in the church with some guest around her
A man guest looking at his right side smiling with other guest at his back and the priest in front of him
Dad carrying his baby girl and the priest showing the book to her in the church
Mum and dad snuggles with their baby girl on a candid look in the church
Priest reading the bible and starting the ritual of christening
Priest pouring some oil onto the parent's hand before the christening starts in the bowl
Closeup look of the priest putting some oil on the baby girl's feet
Godparents holding a baby girl after she has been baptised
Candid look of the guests taking to the priest
Candid look of the family with the baby girl and the guest walking in the altar starting the ritual
Candid look of the priest swinging a christening tool starting the ritual from a Christening portrait session in London
Candid look of mum carrying her baby girl while dad holding a big candle while standing together with the guests
Beautiful family standing together with the priest starting the ritual from a christening portrait session in London
Natural look of a young baby girl on a closeup look
Candid look of mum holding her baby girl
adorable closeup look of a blue-eyed young boy wearing a bow tie with granny at the background from Christening portrait session in London
Candid look of beautiful guests in the Greek Baptism in the Church
Natural look of a blue-eyed young girl crouched down on the red carpet in the church
closeup look of lighted candles in a bowl of sand in the church
Adorable young boy standing in the church aisle from a Christening portrait session in London
Candid look of a man holding an umbrella while texting outside the church
Happy couple carrying a baby outside he church
exterior view of the reception building with the american flag after the Greek Baptism
Closeup look of a well design chocolate cake after the Greek Baptism
bar view of the reception with the bartender and many people in the room after the Greek Baptism
Candid look of a woman chatting with another woman after the Greek Baptism
closeup look of the waiter's arm with a plate full of food after the Greek Baptism
Candid look of people chatting in the reception after the Greek Baptism
closeup look of a printed balloon with pink and orange circles on it
Wine glasses with a gift box from Elizabeth Scarlett London
Candid look of a group of Grannies chatting in a table after the Greek Baptism
Candid look of a young boy playing a ball in the reception after the Greek Baptism

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“We love the photographs! Louise has captured beautifully all the precious moments and took lovely shots of our friends and family without interrupting the flow of the event. She was professional and responsive and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend her.” Maria

greek-orthodox-baptism-photography-london-godmother-kiss Beautiful family standing together with the priest starting the ritual from a christening portrait session in LondonPriest pouring some oil onto the parent's hand before the christening starts in the bowlCandid look of a young girl on her dad's chest while holding onto someone in front of her from a christening portrait session in Londonguests taking pictures while kids are amusingly watching something in the receptionSmiling woman holding the little boy after the ritual of greek baptismLittle boy on a greek baptism ritualcloseup photo of Granny looking at the camera in the churchExterior view of St Sophia Greek Cathedral in Bayswater, London

About The St Sophia Greek Cathedral in Bayswater, London

The Hagia Sophia / Santa Sophia church is stunning, with intricate decorations, an incredible ceiling and a huge number of interesting perspectives to photograph from. The light is very low and dramatic in Hagia Sophia, so my Canon 5D mkiv cameras really comes into their own. This camera works brilliantly in even the lowest lighting conditions.

If you haven’t been to the cathedral before, you might enjoy this 360 degree of the interior:

Discreet, emotive christening photography

Your child’s Christening or Baptism is one of life’s seminal moments, a joyful occasion where all your closest friends and family come together to welcome your baby to the world.

No-one can help but be moved by the grace and poignancy of the event. It inspires me every time. 

Rest assured I’m always discreet. My silent shutter and sensitive approach means you’ll barely notice as I quietly photograph your child’s special day. 

I’m focused on capturing the moments that matter – from the beauty of the venue to the atmosphere throughout the service and reception, as well as meaningful details like the cake or flowers. 





I’ll photograph the key moments of the service itself, as well as your guests’ reactions, scene setting photographs and group portraits – and I’ll document the fun of your reception. 

I always look to take photographs that will not only move you now, but will also bring back memories in years to come.

Please know that all families are 100% welcome – single parent families, same sex parents, all religions and backgrounds. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and I’m honoured to photograph each and every one.

I have a simple pricing structure, with no hidden surprises. 

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Quality prints & albums

Albums are a wonderful way of showing your child what their christening day was like. It always seems such a shame that such a momentous day is almost always one a child won't remember! Creating a beautiful album puts your favourite photos in one book that you can look through together later, in years to come. 

I work with specialist printers and album suppliers to create truly stunning products for you to treasure, and to pass on to the next generations. It's a great opportunity to create some family heirlooms that your children can share with their own children in years to come. 

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