Greek Baptism Photography: Orthodox Cathedral

Greek Baptism Photography: Orthodox Cathedral

Greek baptism photographer London Bayswater

“We love the photographs! Louise has captured beautifully all the precious moments and took lovely shots of our friends and family without interrupting the flow of the event. She was professional and responsive and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend her.” Maria

greek-orthodox-baptism-photography-london-godmother-kiss Beautiful family standing together with the priest starting the ritual from a christening portrait session in LondonPriest pouring some oil onto the parent's hand before the christening starts in the bowlCandid look of a young girl on her dad's chest while holding onto someone in front of her from a christening portrait session in Londonguests taking pictures while kids are amusingly watching something in the receptionSmiling woman holding the little boy after the ritual of greek baptismLittle boy on a greek baptism ritualcloseup photo of Granny looking at the camera in the churchExterior view of St Sophia Greek Cathedral in Bayswater, London

What to Expect in a Greek Baptism

As a photographer, it’s so important to know – and to be able to anticipate – the special parts that are coming up in an orthodox Greek baptism.

I love capturing all the elements that go into the service: the blessing of the bible, the holy oils, cutting a lock of the baby’s hair, changing the baby into their special outfit. Knowing what’s coming means that I can photograph it all discreetly, as I can be in the right place at the right time.

Getting ready for a Greek baptism

The St Sophia Greek Cathedral in Bayswater, London

The Hagia Sophia / Santa Sophia church is stunning, with intricate decorations, an incredible ceiling and a huge number of interesting perspectives to photograph from. The light is very low and dramatic in Hagia Sophia, so my Canon 5D mkiv cameras really comes into their own. This camera works brilliantly in even the lowest lighting conditions.

If you haven’t been to the cathedral before, you might enjoy this 360 degree of the interior:

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