Annual Updates To Your Family Photos

Many families end up having yearly family photos. It’s a wonderful way to pause time briefly and make a record of each stage of your children’s childhood.

Of course, it also becomes important as more children are born – sibling parity is of high import!

Parents love seeing how certain expressions stay with each child as they grow up, and seeing hints of their characters and personalities as they emerge.

Capturing these phases in photographs is magical, both for the parents and for their children to look at in years to come.

Yearly family photo sessions in Autumn:

“As always, we are thrilled with the results of Louise’s photographs. She always delivers. Even in the most trying of circumstances, Louise remains calm and unruffled. I wouldn’t use anyone else for family photographs. A fabulous family photographer – highly recommended.”  Helen

100 days old, and walking:

Yearly family photos - Barbican

Major milestones in baby’s first year, then yearly photos:

“Louise was incredibly clever at just taking shots as we went along – she captured some incredibly natural and fun moments, with great composition. We were bowled over by what Louise had captured. If you’re looking for family shots which are a cut above the rest in terms of quality and style, Louise is the photographer for you!” Jessica

Yearly family photos, in different seasons:

Key milestones in a baby’s first year:

First year photos - North Greenwich

“We originally booked one baby shoot, but we loved the photos so much we booked another! I really recommend Louise. She takes beautiful, natural photos in your home, and outside.” L. Carter

Yearly family photos, in different seasons:

Yearly family photo shoots, in different seasons:

“Louise’s work is of the highest quality. I had had numerous other photographers before, but I will always go back to her.” Klaudia

Update photo sessions – key milestones and new baby:

Annual family photo shoots, in Summer:

Update photos – a new baby joins the fold:

Newborn session at home, toddler session in Autumn, a new baby session and then family photos in Summer:

Yearly family photos – in Spring and Summer:

I hope that gave you some food for thought! Having photographs taken regularly makes for such a wonderful record of childhood. If you’re thinking about when to have your family photo session, just get in touch and I’d be glad to help.

Which Age Is Best in A Baby’s First Year?

If you’re wondering which age might be best to get started with family photos, I can help. Certain ages work particularly well for photographs – see my recommendations here. We can discuss which ages will work best for your family, and what you’d like from your photographs.

Self Esteem

Just a little aside here, but something I think is actually quite important.

For children, seeing photographs of themselves around the house at different ages is great for their self esteem. Professor Geoff Beattie, Dean of Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester, said: “For children in particular, looking at photographs is part of the socialising process, learning who you are and where you fit into the family. By displaying photographs of our children at different stages of their lives, we are making a very public statement that we are proud of them.See the full article here.

Having yearly family photos is a great way of achieving this, and it’s something I make sure to do with my own family.

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Natural, meaningful family photography

Family photography sessions are always fun and relaxed. You need this to be easy to arrange, and enjoyable – and it will be! 

You've worked hard to create your family, and capturing this stage of childhood is precious. I photograph children just as they are – natural, spontaneous and totally in the moment.

Family life isn't perfect or polished, so there's no need to worry about how your kids will behave! It's all about the cuddles, the giggles and the little moments that really sum up your children. 

Photographing your children play and interact with each other – and with you – makes for really meaningful images.

Over the course of your session, I’ll find the right moments to take individual portraits of each child, photographs of siblings together as well as photographs of each of you playing with and cuddling your children.

The love and bond between you all is so important, so of course I'll also take some relaxed family shots too.

I always look to take photographs that will not only move you now, but will also bring back memories in years to come.

Please know that all families are 100% welcome – single parent families, same sex parents, all religions and backgrounds. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and I’m honoured to photograph each and every one.

I have a simple pricing structure, with no hidden surprises. 


Toddler laughing in our garden chair


Helping children relax 

As a mum myself, I really understand how to get the most out of children, how to work with their mood and bring out their unique personality. My ten years' experience as a full-time family photographer helps too! 

Your portrait session is always child led – there’s plenty of time, and no rush.

It’s all about making children (and grown-ups!) feel comfortable and not at all self-conscious.

We’ll allow plenty of time for snack stops, toilet stops, and any little issues that might crop up.

I’m highly experienced with children of all ages so can keep even the crankiest toddler on side – I promise!

Your child's the boss – whatever toy or game they're in the mood for that day, we'll run with that. Rest assured though that I’ll gently guide you into pretty light and spaces that will work well for portraits.

You can find out what to expect here, and we can discuss what you're looking for to see if I'll be a good fit for your family. Just get in touch


family photographers Barnes Wetland centre group shot


Quality prints, frames & albums

I work with specialist framers and album suppliers to create truly stunning products for you to treasure, and to pass on to the next generations. It's a great opportunity to create some family heirlooms that your children can share with their own children in years to come. 

Fine art prints really bring your photographs to life, so I include at least one print with every booking. It's so important to have your photographs out where you can see and enjoy them! 

Frames mean you get to enjoy your photographs every day. I can provide design support (free of charge) in selecting the frames that will suit your home best

Albums create a beautiful time capsule of this stage in your family's life. Looking through them together as your children grow up is a magical experience – we never tire of it! 



storyboard frame families 4 prints


You might like to see this behind the scenes video from a family portrait session:



And you might like to hear a testimonial from a family portrait session:


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