Photography lessons at home: get your camera out of auto mode


Improve your photography skills with some easy – and fun – lessons

What’s involved:

Dust off your camera, and finally learn what all those buttons and settings do!

Take your camera off automatic mode and discover what it’s – and you’re! – capable of.

These sessions are a great way to learn how to use your camera, at your own pace.

Find out what the settings do, and become confident in using your camera properly.

Find out about ISO, aperture, shutter speed, file types and sizes – and how you can use these tools to take stunning photographs.

I provide 1:1 sessions either in person, in your own home (if you live within 15 minutes from Balham or Bracklesham Bay) or online (via Zoom or Skype).

“Somehow Louise made it so simple and almost intuitive – the penny dropped in the first hour. A combination of a little theory, examples of photographs taken to think about settings and then hands on practice was a powerful combination … plus Louise’s passion and keenness to teach made it fun and supportive”. Geraldine

Why choose me?

I’ve been a full-time professional photographer for almost 12 years now. Before that, I ran a photography gallery and taught photo workshops which earned the Quality Learning Outside The Classroom badge. I know photography inside out, and I’m good at explaining it in simple terms to those with less experience.

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These are £100 for an hour, or £250 for three sessions – including some (easily digested!) technical information, a pdf to keep with a summary of what we’ve covered, some practical exercises to put what you’ve learnt into action, and feedback on photographs you take.


A tree is planted with every order, at no extra cost to you.


Both daytime and evening options are available – we’ll find a time that’s convenient for you.

“You really can’t underestimate the value of one-on-one coaching. In 3 Zoom sessions with Louise, I made a quantum leap in my photography skills. I picked up concepts and tricks that would have taken me years, if ever, to learn. Louise was always prepared, engaged, and just all-around professional. During a session, if I wanted to change the direction of the conversation, I was able to with ease. Her pace was just right. Given Louise’s acclaim, I am amazed but grateful for her patience and easy going manner with me as an amateur. I am really excited about the photos that I’m now taking, and hope to engage Louise in the future to continue my growth as photographer.” Pete

1. Take your DSLR camera off auto mode

What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding of exposure, including aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • Understanding of file types
  • Understanding of focus options
  • Ability to use a camera in AV or TV mode
  • Moving to using your digital camera in Manual mode
  • Bonus: photography project for kids to do at home

Sneak peek inside:

Also included: photo projects for kids – can be done with an iphone, ipad or camera (see below). 

2. Composition 101

What Will You Learn?

  • Leading lines
  • Rule of thirds
  • Reflections
  • Symmetry
  • Framing devices
  • Decisive moment

Sneak peek inside:

Composition 101 sample slides

Also included: photo projects for kids – can be done with an iphone, ipad or camera (see below). 

3. Editing in Lightroom

Like most photographers, I do the bulk of my photo editing in Adobe Lightroom.

It’s an easy to use program with incredible editing capabilities. 

Sessions can be adjusted to your skill level and experience, but to give you an idea of what we can cover:

  • Import photographs
  • Create collections of photos
  • Adjust the exposure
  • Straighten wonky photos
  • Crop photographs to particular print sizes
  • Learn what the key settings do
  • Create a preset of your favourite settings
  • Simple retouching, e.g. spot or scratch removal

Also included: photo projects for kids – can be done with an iphone, ipad or camera (see below). 

“My sessions with Louise helped me feel confident in using my camera. She tailored the sessions to the kinds of situations when I use my camera most, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed by information I was never going to use. Louise guided me through the photo editing process, too, showing me how to apply the most useful tools. As a result of my sessions, I’ve produced some lovely photos. It feels great to be able to make use of the “real” camera instead of relying on my phone!” Chelsea

Bonus: free photography projects for kids

Photography projects are a great way to encourage children’s creativity and give them new skills!

Keep little ones entertained with some fun and easy photography projects that children can do at home, using a camera, iPhone or iPad.

No camera required. Projects can be done with anything that takes a photo – an iphone, ipad, digital camera, polaroid camera, toddler camera. Take your pick and let them get creative!

Projects are designed for primary school children.

Sneak peek inside:

photo challenge for kids about colour

“This was a really useful tutorial. Rather than covering just the mechanics of photography, Louise had lots of advice on how to take good photographs and how to get the best out of your camera, the subject and the environment. Although I have been using a camera for years, I learned a great deal. The session was well-planned and Louise adapted the pace and content to my needs and my prior state of knowledge. Two hours very well spent – now I just have to practice a lot!” Michael

Siblings reading a book together

“I have been taking photos for many years but never had the confidence to take the camera into full manual mode, always opting for semi-manual. Louise has instilled that confidence and I am now using the manual mode every time which has made a huge difference to the way I now take my photographs. Louise has a natural ability to get across all of the points of taking a great photo. She gave feedback on some photos I took later in the week which was very helpful. I would like to sincerely thank Louise for her patience and understanding teaching me to use my camera.” James