personal branding shoot in Notting Hill London

You really can enjoy being photographed!

So many people put off having their headshot taken because they don’t like being photographed. I get it, I much prefer being behind the camera myself! But I also understand how important it is to show your face to the world – people buy from people, so your customers and clients need to see who you are.

Downplaying anything you don’t like

The good news is, I promise you don’t need to worry about this. I’ll find out if you have any insecurities about your appearance, and photograph you in angles that minimise those issues. For me, that’s how much gum shows above my teeth when I smile – my mouth is tiny! It’s probably not something anyone else notices, but it bugs me. Everyone’s got their thing – which in all likelihood, no one else sees – but if you tell me what it is, I’ll downplay it in your photos. There’s a flattering angle for everything!


You’re welcome to play your favourite music to pep you up – it works wonders with making you feel good, and that really shows in the photos.

Keeping Things Moving

You won’t be stuck in the same position smiling away. It’s really important to me that you don’t feel silly or awkward during your session. I look to include a range of expressions in your photos, which makes for a great variety of photos but also keeps frozen “photo face” at bay!

Flattering Poses

You can relax knowing that I’ll gently guide you through some flattering poses. My years of experience mean I know what works well on camera (I’ve been photographing headshots for over ten years now!), and I know how to get you looking your best.


Prep also goes a long way with helping you feel comfortable and confident in your headshot or branding photo session. That’s why I ask you to complete an information gathering form, as well as having a pre-shoot phone consultation. It gives you time to think about what you’d like from your photos, and for me to get a good sense of your priorities and how to give you photos that you’ll really love. I give you tips and pointers on what to wear, so you know your outfit will photograph well. I also give you makeup tips so you can perfect those little details too.

My father raised us with the mantra that Perfect Planning and Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance – I took that to heart! Although I have a more positive take on it, I simply think if you prep well, it creates great photos.


Sometimes people feel a bit exposed being photographed. Bringing some props (which we’ll discuss) can really help to give you a bit of a distraction, and to not feel centre stage. Laptops, books, notebooks and mugs are all great options. If you’re a photographer, bring your camera.

Having A Shoot Will Increase your Confidence

Strangely enough, one of the most effective ways to feel more comfortable in front of the camera is to have a professional session. Seeing photos of yourself where you look great can give you the courage for next time – you’ve already done this, and you looked great! Repetition breeds success, as they say.

“I’m usually reluctant to get in front of the camera, but Louise did an amazing job at putting me at ease. She really understood what I wanted to achieve from the shoot and her experience shone through. She delivered above and beyond the brief – I am extremely happy with the photographs.” Vicky

You can find out about booking a headshot session here, or a branding shoot here. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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