Beautiful pregnant woman lying on bed with eyes closed and hands on tummy.

Natural maternity photography in Chiswick

Pregnancy is such a magical time, especially when it is your first baby. Double that when it’s twins! I love being able to provide people with special moments such as these through photographs.

Mum-to-be was already in her third trimester, and she looked beautiful! I started off by photographing the couple in the living room together. It was clear how excited these soon-to-be parents were about having babies on the way. They cuddled up together on the bench seat, and I photographed Mum relaxing on the seat.

After an outfit change, I moved the photography session into their bedroom. Hands on a baby bump, especially hands from both parents, is such a classic and tender photograph to look  back on as a memory. It’s so emotive in brining back that sense of hope and expectation, and the love a parent can have for their baby before they’re even born. The mum had a beautiful turquoise dress that tied just above her belly and really emphasised her bump. I always give tips to each family before their portrait session as to what kind of clothes will work best – a bit of thought beforehand really pays, as the right clothing can really make all the difference to a portrait.

Afterwards, I photographed Mum lying down on her bed.  The bright turquoise dress contrasted wonderfully with the white wall and linens. I even had her expose her belly for a few photographs. She definitely had the classic “pregnancy glow”- she looked radiant in all of the photographs, and it was a pleasure to capture that for her.

Outdoor maternity portraits in the park

We ended the session outdoors in a park nearby where they lived. It was a chilly day so after putting on some coats, they walked around the park hand in hand amongst the naked trees. The trees framed the couple portraits so beautifully. Sometimes couples aren’t sure about having photographs outdoors in winter, but these photographs are a great reminder that beautiful photographs can be taken in any weather! Winter light is so atmospheric, and I love having the mix of indoor and outdoor photographs.

It was a joy capturing these new parents-to-be during this early phase of parenthood.

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