Newborn photographer Wandsworth SW18

A sleeping baby girl in South London being held by her mother, on her back, in mum's lap

Photographing newborn babies in Wandsworth holds a special place in my heart, as my parents-in-law live here and I was here often with my own baby girl. We still visit often, especially to the playground on Wandsworth Common, and for an ice cream in the sunshine! We love feeding the ducks, and the tennis courts on the common are fab. We often think of moving here – watch this space!

I love photographing the next wave of southwest Londoners as they’re born – it’s wonderful imagining how they’ll come to love the area too as they grow up.

Wandsworth Common is a firm favourite for outdoor locations. There are several spots I particularly love for newborn portrait sessions – around the pond, the open stretches of trees, and a few little corners that are quieter.

newborn family photography Wandsworth - group shot

“Louise took some beautiful photographs of our little family when our baby was only six days old. She has a lovely, calming effect on babies and really put us at ease. She’s also very patient, allowing for cuddles, feeds etc without any time pressure.” Gabriela

Mum holding her newborn baby on her shoulder

A newborn photoshoot in Wandsworth Common:

A sleeping baby girl in South London being held by her mother, on her back, in mum's lap on the bed

This newborn baby looked so cosy wrapped up in a dusty pink blanket. I loved the way the different patterns of the knitted blanket, polka dot crib and mesh bedding framed this angelic baby as she slept.

I loved the way she wrinkled her forehead as if she was raising her eyebrows – it always amazes me how expressive babies’ faces can be even at such a young age. What a sweet and playful moment to capture that expression as she rested on her mum’s shoulder.

There’s nothing like the wide hingeless yawn of a newborn baby ready to get some sleep.  Yawns don’t seem to ever be as cute after newborns grow out of this phase, so I was delighted that I was able to capture this moment that passes in the blink of an eye. I was able to capture a few photographs of her innocent yawn in the arms of her parents. Fleeting moments like these are always important for me as a photographer to be able to provide for families, as sometimes they are the most cherished.

These new parents were so enchanted by their newborn baby. I took a few photographs of the baby and her parents in their bedroom. I like to take advantage of the natural light that comes into the bedroom, as well as the cosy feel of the surroundings.

It’s easy to forget how tiny newborns once were, when they grow so fast and are running around the park before you know it. That’s why I love capturing photographs where you can really see the baby´s size. I loved how she was cradled up against her mum’s forearms.

Once this little newborn was asleep, I captured some closeup details, like her tiny hands curled up as she rested in her pink and white striped onesie. And of course, I captured the wild wrinkles that run across the soles of their feet – too cute!

I love providing families with this mix of photographs – some individual portraits, each parent holding their baby, the whole family together, and the close-up details. And of course all the little moments that happen in between!

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