Newborn baby one week after a csection birth sleeping while holding onto his parents finger

Is it ok to have a newborn portrait session after a C-section?

Mums are often unsure about whether it’ll be ok to have a newborn portrait session if they’re having a caesarean section. It’s fine!

See below for how we’d go about scheduling your session, allowing lots of flexibility for you and your baby.

mum after a caesarean section holding her newborn baby in their portrait session

“Louise took fabulous newborn photos for us, which we will treasure forever! She is very personable whilst being professional and is very easy to be around feel natural. The photos are simply stunning; they made me cry!” Vicky (newborn session held 1 week after caesarean section)

Your comfort

A newborn portrait session won’t put strain on your body.

The photo session can even be a welcome distraction from discomfort you may be feeling day to day.

We’ll work at your pace. If you need a rest or don’t feel comfortable at any time, we’ll take a breather.

We’ll take the photographs on the same floor so you’re not taking any unnecessary steps up and down the stairs.

I’ll have a look around when I arrive to see which rooms will work best for the space and the light. Then we can move everything we’ll need to the most convenient room.

Newborn baby one week after a csection birth

“Louise achieves fantastic pictures. She is very professional and has a brilliant way of interacting with babies and children. Her work is of the highest quality. I have used many other photographers before, but I will always go back to her.” Klaudia (newborn portrait session, 3 weeks after C-Section)

Pre-term deliveries by C-section

When any baby is born early, I still recommend having your newborn session 7-10 days after your baby’s 40 week due date.

Waiting a little longer gives premature babies a chance to catch up a bit, and to regain his / her birth weight.

This can especially help if the c-section means that your milk comes in a bit later.

This also gives you time to feel more yourself again after the procedure.

If this date still feels too soon following your C-Section, I recommend postponing to the six-week milestone.

Overdue babies born by C-section

Give yourself at least a week to recover from the operation.

If you’re not feeling up to a portrait session at this point, I’d recommend waiting for the 6-week milestone.

Postponing to a six-week milestone session

I keep two spare sessions each week to allow flexibility for newborn sessions.

If you feel you’d like more recovery time, we can postpone your newborn session. The six-week milestone is a great option.

Your baby will be more settled by then, and starting to smile.

At six weeks, you’ll be feeling heaps better and lots of the swelling will have gone down.

Vaginal bleeding is likely to have stopped by six weeks too.

Mum kissing her newborn baby after a c-section

“I had a c-section, and a newborn portrait session when our baby was 10 days old. For me, this was the earliest that I felt comfortable moving around, and being photographed myself. I treasure the fantastic newborn pictures that Louise took.” Suzanne

What to expect after a C-section

There’s a great article here on what to expect.

In the days and weeks following the procedure:

  • After a caesarean section, you’re likely to be in hospital for four days or so. You may even be in for longer if there are complications.
  • You’ll need time and care to heal from the operation.
  • Broadly speaking, it might take a couple of weeks after your baby’s born before you feel up to a photo session.
  • Your face may be a bit puffy or swollen from the IV fluid for a couple of weeks.
  • Your tummy might stay swollen for a few weeks.
  • Light movement is recommended, but not vigorous exercise.

face may feel puffy after a csection

By 6 weeks, you can expect:

  • Vaginal bleeding usually stops within 6 weeks.
  • Your body will typically have recovered 6 weeks after the procedure.
Closeup photo of a newborn baby looking at the camera showing his blue eyes
What to expect