Personal Branding Photographer: Facial Aesthetics

As Dr. Anika Patel told me about her business, I fell in love with her approach. Her concept is that the health of the skin and outer beauty is interconnected with the health of the body as a whole. She told me how this is often disregarded, and clinicians can often be quick to offer products and treatments without addressing the internal root cause of skin conditions in particular. This really resonated with me, and it became clear it would be important to capture both the clinical side of her work as well as reflecting the more holistic aspects.

Dr Anika Patel Aesthetics is based on the philosophy that beauty is achieved by obtaining an equilibrium from inside and out; it is a reflection of a deeply nurtured inside in combination with very natural looking rejuvenation treatments and injectables to allow your own unique beauty to shine. The company was founded from the desire to provide clients with natural looking, subtle enhancements that enable you to feel like the most confident version of yourself – both physically and emotionally.

Dr Patel’s unique approach to beauty and rejuvenation involves combining Eastern, Holistic principles with Medical Expert Knowledge. A bespoke and highly individualised treatment plan is created for you which includes nutrition and lifestyle advice, supplementation, medical grade products and personalised rejuvenation treatments.

Anika is a calm, empathetic and passionate person and I worked hard to convey these qualities in her headshots.

She is knowledgeable, quietly confident, friendly – hopefully this all comes through in the branding photos.

Anika told me: “There is no greater job satisfaction than changing lives and allowing people to feel like the best versions of themselves. Nothing brings me more joy than enabling my clients to feel confident in their skin.”

See a selection of the contemporary headshots I took on this branding shoot:

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