headshot by a beach hut

Personal branding photographer: West Wittering beach


West Wittering is my absolute favourite place on the planet, so my heart sings when clients ask for photos here! I’m in the area on Wednesdays, and always happy to pop to the beach for a headshot or branding shoot.

There’s such a great set of options on West Wittering: beach huts, long stretches of soft sand, and of course the epic dunes. One of the great things about the beach huts is the range of colours – we can choose a hut that works well with your clothing, and that reflects your branding.

With longer sessions, we can also take photographs along the grassy pathway that runs alongside the nature reserve.

The beach is much quieter midweek. I like to start sessions around 10am so the light’s had a chance to come up, the early morning joggers have left and the dog walks are thinning out.

Best of all, the Coffee Hut is on standby to offer a delicious coffee as a little pick-me-up after a session!

Anna-Marie specialises in wedding photography and family portraits. It was a total pleasure to photograph her in her element, strolling along West Wittering with her camera!

“Being a photographer myself, I’m not exactly used to having the lens pointed at me. It gave me quite an insight into how clients can feel initially. Anyways, with Louise all the anxiety soon disappeared and we ended up having such a giggle. It was like going for a stroll with an old friend in a beautiful place.

I love the photos. They will serve me well for my online presence – my personal appearance has been missing from it so long. It’s wonderful to finally have some images to introduce myself as my brand.” Anna-Marie

See photos from this personal branding shoot in action:

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