Branding headshot session in southwest London

Personal branding photographer: a shoot in southwest London


This shoot was in a staged home office in southwest London. It has a lovely big window which lets in very flattering natural light, and a variety of options including an armchair and a desk.

As I usually do, I suggested that Charlotte brought some props that reflect her work day. It can really help your customers connect with you, to see photos of you at work. During the shoot, I included some shots with her laptop and also on her phone – these photos are so useful for contact pages.

Charlotte is in the process of setting up a business to import and sell gold and silver jewellery from Ecuador. Each piece is hand-crafted and uses high quality metals. The goal for this personal branding photoshoot was to create some headshots for the website (currently in production) and for LinkedIn that really show who Charlotte is as a person rather than the corporate shots she’d had before.

I used a few games and cues to elicit joyful, natural expressions as this was a key part of the brief. Your photos should reflect your personality, not a wooden smile! And as usual in a branding shoot, we just had a chat and a giggle. It always amazes people how enjoyable it is to have a personal branding shoot. Some even say empowering 🙂

“Louise is a wonderful photographer, with a creative mindset and a fantastic eye for detail. As someone who is a bit camera shy, Louise quickly put me at ease with her lovely nature, professionalism, and a some clever techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The result is a set of personal branding photos that perfectly capture my essence and style. I love all the shots and can’t wait to use them!” Charlotte

What to expect