Newborn baby stroking her fingers during a portrait session in southwest London

We all know there’s nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby! The calm snoozy expression is so adorable, I love the little hint of a smile playing on her lips. And those delicate little eyelashes – too precious.

The sheepskin made a perfect backdrop for this tiny newborn – so soft and snuggly. The gold polka dots work so well with this texture, so it was an easy choice to make – the colours really play off each other, and draw our eye to the soft skin colours.

I asked the parents to offer their thoughts on their newborn portrait experience:

Why did you choose me to take your family photographs?

I loved your style and the way you capture the special candid moments amongst families. I also loved the way you use natural light to give the photos elegance and beauty.

If you were to recommend me to your friend or colleague, what would you say? Why should they choose me?

I would definitely recommend Louise not only because she takes wonderful photos but she also has a great demeanour. She made our family feel very comfortable and was so patient especially when our newborn didn’t want to settle! She even offered a few tips to help soothe the baby that we used again.

Why did you choose an ‘at home’ / location photographer rather than a studio photographer?

Being in your own home allows for a much more relaxed photo shoot.

Did you have any hesitations or reservations before booking your portrait session? What did you feel unsure about, what were you anxious of and / or what questions did you need answered?

I didn’t have any reservations. Louise came prepared and she adapted the setting throughout the shoot. She was great at including some of the special mementos that we really wanted to include in our photos.

How did you find the experience of having your family photographs taken?

It was great, and something we will look to do every year!

What do you especially like about your photographs?

That they capture our little one at such a young age, especially because she has grow so much. Some may think the pictures taken on phones are “good enough” but I think Louise captured moments, features and memories that only a professional really can.

Can you say a little (or a lot!) about your favourite photograph/s?

I love the photo of our whole family – we just look so happy! I also love the photos that showcase my baby girl’s beautiful eyes, they are priceless!

What were the highlights of the overall experience for you?

Getting the photos and sharing with family and friends.

Can you describe a memorable moment from the newborn portrait session?

I loved the moment we were trying to capture a photo of my daughter and me, and my other “baby” (my dog) jumped on the bed and got in the photo!

What advice would you give other parents to help them get the most out of their portrait session?

Try to relax, and make sure you have special items picked out in advance.

How important was it to you to have a family portrait session?

Very, I knew I wanted this before our daughter was born.

Have you given prints or frames to family members or loved ones? If so, how were they received?

Yes! And they are very loved.

Is there anything I could improve?



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