Personal Pick: December 2017

Personal Pick: December 2017

Parents holding their baby girl wearing pastel winter clothing against a yellow Autumn bush


Why I chose this photograph:

For many parents, a photograph of the whole family together is a top priority – it’s so common to have lots of photographs with each parent with their child, but not everyone together. I like to always take a group family shot to scratch that itch for parents!

I find that outdoors is the best place for a family shot, as it tends to look more natural and less contrived.

Getting a baby’s attention – and smile – is a bit of an art from when they’re being held by their parents. Years of experience have armed me with tricks to get baby smiling at the camera – in this case, funny noises and a bit of bouncing worked a treat.

Using the differently coloured shrubs in the background made for a lovely soft backdrop, with one colour for each member of the family. Making use of natural colours really helps to bring portraits to life, and it’s so inspiring looking around a park or garden for the perfect spot!

Group compositions tend to work best in triangles, so I aim to create three points within the composition – here, it’s the parents’ heads and the join between the mum’s elbow and the baby’s coat. If you’re interested in using triangles to improve your own photography, check out this article:

I asked the parents about their experience – here are their responses:

Why did you choose me to take your family photographs?

My NCT friends had a photoshoot with Louise and after seeing one photo she took I immediately knew that this is what I was looking for. Clean, natural, beautiful photography – not over styled, just very tasteful. I could tell after checking her website that she has got a great artistic eye and can capture that ‘special moment’.

What would you say to another family considering booking me to photograph their family? Why should they choose me?

Louise is such a pleasure to work with and she is a fantastic photographer! She managed to capture all the special expressions of my little one which I will treasure forever. She has such a lovely and gentle approach and my baby felt so relaxed with her. She is also very organised and thinks of every detail.

Why did you choose an ‘at home’ / location photographer rather than a studio photographer?

I love natural photography – studio would be too staged and formal for us.

Did you have any hesitations or reservations before booking your portrait session? What did you feel unsure about, what were you anxious of and / or what questions did you need answered?

I was worried how to time it well with my daughter’s naps and that she might get tired too quickly. But Louise was very flexible with timing and she took amazing photos in such a short time! Louise made my daughter feel very relaxed and to my surprise she was really enjoying posing in front of the camera. 🙂 Louise was also great on advising on the outfits which was very useful.

How did you find the experience of having your family photographs taken?

It was so enjoyable and went very smoothly. Louise is so professional, she straightaway pointed at the good spots in our flat & outside and made us feel very relaxed.

What do you especially like about your photographs?

The quality is outstanding! All photos are so sharp, with beautiful natural light, so much depth and expression in it – simply stunning! I absolutely LOVE all of them.

Can you say a little (or a lot!) about your favourite photograph/s?

They all are my favourites. I am particularly happy with this family portrait of the three of us. The colours just work so well and the composition is beautiful. This is such a great photo, Louise captured the right moment with all of us looking and smiling. All our family will love this photo.

What were the highlights of the overall experience for you?

The highlight was when Louise started to play the presentation of our photos – I couldn’t believe how stunning all the photos were and how well she managed to capture our daughter’s personality.

How important was it to you to have a family portrait session?

It was very important to me. I love photography and seeing how quickly my daughter is growing I really wanted to have her babyhood captured professionally. I can’t wait to put them on the wall and just admire them. They are also going to make the perfect Christmas gifts for our family.

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