Personal Pick: October 2017

Personal Pick: October 2017

Two brothers laughing throwing Autumn leaves in the park


Why I chose this photograph:


I love photographing siblings together, laughing and enjoying themselves. Photographing two brothers can be a particular challenge for many parents, so over the years I’ve built up a range of tricks to engage both boys at the same time. Being showered in Autumn leaves is a surefire tactic for getting them both absorbed and giggling.

I love the leading lines of the composition – the top of the hedgerow and the top of the wall swooping in, pulling your eye into the centre of the photograph. Having the parents throw the leaves from the right hand side meant the leaves came into shot in a similar direction to those leading lines – further increasing this effect of movement and fun. Both boys’ faces are clearly visible through the cascade of leaves, and you can easily see how much fun they’re having. By chance, the direction of the leaves falling has created a circle that frames the youngest boy – not a detail you could plan, but one that really adds to the composition of a shot. It can take a few goes to get the right direction of leaf throwing, but it’s time well spent!

This location was perfect for the boy’s outfits – the greens and browns of the shrubbery and pathway really help their blue clothes stand out and draw your eye towards them. The yellows and oranges compliment their skin tone too, so it’s all a harmonious colour scheme.

The change in seasons is so inspiring for me as a photographer, and I love to incorporate elements of the changing colours into family portraits. You can see more on how I respond to the seasons here.

A word from the mum:

“The images are amazing – thank you for capturing such lovely memories”. Rosalind

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