Tweens & teenagers: photographer in London

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Teenagers might be perfectly happy filming and photographing themselves for TikTok and SnapChat, but suggest a family portrait session and more often than not, they’ll cringe. I totally get that teenagers aren’t always that enthusiastic about getting that nice photo for Mum or Granny. They can be more easily won over when they realise they could end up with a cool profile shot!

See some recent tween & teenager photographs, at home & outdoors:

Best Family Photographer
South London, Southern Enterprise Awards

Winner: AFNS Award
Newborn And Family Photographer

Shoot The Face
Portraits Contest – Finalist

Best Natural Light Family Photographer
London Enterprise Awards

Customer Service Award
The WOW Awards

First Place in the United Kingdom
Portrait Photo Awards

My approach to tween and teen photography

I focus more on photographing teenagers hanging out, and capturing moments where siblings are interacting naturally. My aim is for teenagers to enjoy the session, while I happen to take some photographs.

When a good moment presents itself, I’ll photograph all the siblings together, as well as a family group shot if the parents are joining too. Over the course of the session, I’ll also look out for moments to take individual portraits of each person. In between, I’ll look for interesting locations and photograph candid moments.

Preparing for your photo session with teens

I find it’s really helpful to know about their hobbies beforehand – if they play any instruments or love cycling, for example. Incorporating these into the photographs makes more meaningful shots that really captures their personalities and interests.

We’ll have a chat beforehand about what to wear. If your teenager is receptive to input, you can pass the tips on! If we meet at home first, I can also gently steer your teens towards outfits that will photograph well.

Reassure teenagers that I can remove any temporary blemishes, skin issues and so on. Retouching is done with a soft touch, so it isn’t apparent that skin has been retouched.

What to expect
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“Louise’s photos have an essence of simplicity, yet are calm and real. She is a kind and sensitive person, with a creative mind and her improvisational skills are amazing.”


“My teenage children arranged for some photos of themselves to be taken by Louise for my wife’s birthday. The end results were stunning and absolutely perfect showing them relaxed and looking totally comfortable in front of the camera. Simply by far the best professional photos we have ever had done.”